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Friday, May 21
Moderated by Hanna-Helena Pärn, Tartu Health Care College


Speech by Jane Coad, Chair of PNAE

Humane Neonatal Care Initiative acceptance in hospitals globally
Adik Levin
Moderated by:
Ingrid Hankes-Drielsma, Dutch Association of Paediatric Nurses, The Netherlands
PARALLEL SESSION 2: Child health promotion
Moderated by: 
Jean Angela Davies, Lecturer in NursingBangor University, UK



To become a family in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - parents’ experiences of staying together with their infant in a family room in the Neonatal Intensive care Unit

Tenna Gladbo Salmonsen,  Hanne Aagaard, Denmark


Use of community services in paediatric patients accessing accident and emergency (A&E) departments for non-urgent cases - preliminary results

Alessandra Pol, Valentina Biagioli, Claudia Carlin, Simone Piga, Immacolata Dall’Oglio, Italy



How can nurses support parent-infant attachment of premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit?

Hanna Helena Pärn, Estonia


Gamification for Health promotion

Anni Pakarinen, Finland



Immigrant parents' experiences of communicating with healthcare professionals at the neonatal unit

Katarina Patriksson, Sweden


Evaluation on the effect of educational practice with cartoons on disease management in children with asthma: a randomized controlled study

Aylin Akça Sümengen, Ayşe Ferda Ocakçi, Turkey


Lunch break

Nursing Care Models in Pediatric and Neonatal Settings
Barbara Boutopoulou

PARALLEL SESSION 3:      Chronic diseases and Complex Needs
Moderated by: 
Majda Oštir, RN, Master of Nursing,  Slovenia

PARALLEL SESSION 4: Research in Children and Young People
Moderated by: 
Prof Jane Coad, PhD Nottingham University, Great Britain



Parents´ experience when their child diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at newborn screening

Pia Bonde Nielsen, Denmark



Monitoring of micturition and bladder volumes can replace routine indwelling urethral catheters in children receiving intravenous opioids, a prospective cohort study

Anita C. de Jong, Jolanda M. Maaskant, Luitzen A. Groen, B.M van Woensel, the Netherlands



Clinical Profile and Outcomes of Children with Congenital Heart Defect Admitted to Adult Intensive Care Units in Iceland

Olof Kristjansdottir, Gudrun Kristjansdottir, Gunnhildur Vidarsdottir​ Iceland


Adolescents´ use of alcohol and related responsibilities – qualitative interview study

Mari Mynttinen, Kaisa Mishina, Mari Kangasniemi, Finland



Self-care in paediatric patients living with chronic disease: a systematic literature review of conceptual models

Claudia Carlin, Giulia Gasperin, Valentina Biagioli, Emanuela Tiozzo, Immacolata Dall’Oglio, Italy


Influence of education programs on children's sleep: an integrative review

Carla Trindade, Portugal

15.30-15.40 Coffee break



15.40-16.10 Long-term home ventilation management in children Birgit Kiilaspää
16.10-16.30 Home mechanical ventilator practical workshop Monika Uustalu, Resmed

  15.40-16.40 How to write for publication. Christine Walker

15.40-16.00 La Roche Posay workshop

Please note that the slides are in English and the audio is in Estonian!


Saturday, May 22

Moderated by Saima Hinno, Tartu Health Care College

11.00−11.05 Welcome 

Optimising the nursing care of children and young people experiencing mental health crisis in acute paediatric settings through collaborative research

Joseph Manning

PARALLEL SESSION 5: Global Challenges for caring for Children, Young People and Families
Moderated by:
Pantelis Perdikaris, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Nursing, Faculty of Nursing School of Health University of Peloponnese
PARALLEL SESSION 6: Child support and nursing  development
Moderated by: 
Catherine Sheridan, Ireland Paediatric Clinical Nurse Educator, University Hospital, Galway, Ireland



Elderly people in children's voices: the first steps towards intergenerational care

Andreia Cerqueira , Ana Lúcia Ramos, Portugal


Digital nursing for care and first discharge in pediatric oncohematology: development of an APP
Deborah Rosso Pognant, Bergadano Anna, Laura Odetto, Franca Fagioli, Italy



Parents' presence during induction of anaesthesia

Thomas Ziakas, Varvara Boutopoulou, Eleni Georgiou, Effrosyni Vlachioti, Foteini Mavridi, Anastasia Karkani, Vasiliki Matziou, Greece


Sexual and gender diversity in adolescence: The development of a conceptual model to support secondary school nursing

Minna Laiti, Heidi Parisod, Anni Pakarinen, Salla Sariola, Sanna Salanterä, Finland



CLS-IT - communication and language screening in infants and toddlers

Luigi Marotta, Silvia, Laudanna, Elena Pellegrini, Simona Latini, Andreina Morocutti, Italy


Tripartite Hermeneutic Education? An empirical response to paediatric medication errors

Rachel Isaac, Pramodh Vallabhaeni, UK


Lunch break

PARALLEL SESSION 7: Paediatric nurses perceptions of procedural pain and moral distress
Moderated by:
 Immacolata Dall'Oglio, PedRN, PhD, MSN, IBCLC, Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, Italy

PARALLEL SESSION 8: Ensuring a child's healthy skin
Moderated by:

Orsola Gawronski, RN, MS, PhD, Sviluppo Professioni Sanitarie, Formazione continua e Ricerca Infermieristica, Healthcare Professional Development; ESPNIC Nursing President; AHA International Training Center coordinator - Centro di training OPBG; Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital,Italy




Nurses´perceptions of neonates’ procedural pain alleviation with non-pharmacological methods and parental guidance in Estonian hospitals

Airin Treiman-Kiveste, Tarja Pölkki, Ruth Kalda, Mari Kangasniemi, Estonia


Preventing medical device related pressure ulcers in PICU: the “grief”

Claudia De Santis, Giuseppe Chessa, Diana Giannarelli, Italy



Nurse and Moral Distress in NICU: An Italian Study

Roberta Guardione, Mattia Luciano, Pasquale Di Maio, Italy


Skin microbiome

Anna Berzina, Latvia

14.00-14.20 23

Quality of life of children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis

Effrosyni Vlachioti, Varvara Boutopoulou, Despoina Koumpagioti, Euanthia Konstantaki, Ioannis Kasimis, Ioanna Loukou, B. Matziou, Greece


Nursing students and child health promotion: a pre-post intervention study about hand hygiene in a primary school in Rome (Italy)

Andrea Gazzelloni, Valentina Pizziconi, Luca Adriani, Valentina Stella, Valentina Simioli, Giuliana D’Elpidio, Italy

14.20-14.35 Coffee break

Gamification of children’s health promotion

Sanna Salanterä

15.20-15.30 Closing ceremony

Poster session:

  Abstract title Author
1 Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) in paediatric population with gastrointestinal disorders: series of cases treated with a polymeric-cryanoacrylate solution Alessia Campoli et al., Italy
2 Intramuscular Injection procedure in children for safer care: an integrative review Ana Ramos et al., Portugal
3 Development of video tutorials for the training of adolescents in the automation of CVC type Broviac in the service of home pallative care Andrea Rosella Alucard Samaniego GomezItaly
4 Hearing the voices of children and young people Anne Marie Ryberg et al., Denmark
5 Niceology: An Online Course Barbara Frechette, USA
6 Pediatric Care complexity: an experimental tool Belletti Paola et al., Italy
7 Difficulties in implementing a gluten-free diet for children with celiac disease, caused by the socioeconomic status of their families in Serbia Biljana N. Stojanović et al., Serbia
8 Ethical dilemmas in nursing research with children's participation Biljana Stojanović et al., Serbia
9 Educational program for the reduction of central line-associated bloodstream infections Charalampia Nteli et al., Greece
10 Simulation as a learning strategy for nursing students Chiara Zangari​ et al., Italy
11 The Effect of Childhood Traumatic Life on Parenting Attitudes Damla Ozcevik et al., Turkey

Nurses and pediatric oncological patients expectations regarding the activation of a home nursing care service: qualitative analysis

Elisa Garau et al., Italy

13 Measure process of care in pediatric palliative care Inta KalninaLatvia
14 Factors which affect the quality of life of Emergency Department nurses: A review Ioannis Kasimis et al.Greece
15 Information needs of parents of children with a primary diagnosis of hearing loss – a qualitative study Johanna Kraas et al.Estonia
16 Pediatric Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) Kaisa JõgiEstonia
17 Home enteral nutrition service implementation in Tartu University Children’s Hospital Kairi Sokk et al., Estonia
18 School nurses’ experience in the prevention of overweight: qualitative research in general education schools in Tartu and Tallinn Ljudmila Schmidt et al.Estonia
19 This Is Me – Challenging Negative Attitudes Towards Children With Feeding Tubes Louise HeywoodUK
20 The new role of the nurse: from the clinic to patient education Martina Di Stefano et al.Italy
21 Liver transplantation: management without infections Martina Girone et al.Italy
22 Actions to implement healthcare professional research in the paediatric setting: a narrative review of the literature Matteo Amicucci et al., Italy
23 “The good interaction” Mette Thelborg et al., Denmark
24 Tartu basic school’s second-grade teacher’s opinion on beneficial and non-beneficial factors of pupils hand hygiene Piret Simm-Pärle et al., Estonia
25 Educational project dedicated to school teachers for the correct management of epileptic seizures in school-age children Tommaso Renzetti et al.Italy
26 Factors affecting NREM neonatal sleep in NICUs Varvara Boutopoulou et al.Greece
27 Nurses' role in using non-pharmacological methods of postoperative pain management in children Rasa StundžienėLithuania

The posters will be available on the Worksup platform throughout the event.

Main topics of the 5th PNAE Congress on Paediatric Nursing

  • Neonatal care
  • Mental Health Children and Young People Nursing
  • Paediatric Critical and Intensive care
  • Chronic diseases and Complex Needs 
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pain in children
  • Adolescents' healthcare
  • Child health promotion
  • Ethical issues in children and young people 
  • Children's surgery 
  • Childhood Injury 
  • Nutrition 
  • Palliative and end of life care
  • Nursing education and leadership
  • Research in Children and Young People 
  • Careers in Children and Young People's Nursing
  • Global Challenges for caring for Children, Young People and Families  

Final programme will be published in 2021 after reviewing all submitted abstracts.